Near-Death Experiencer Ellyn Dye


In October 1985, Ellyn Dye experienced a head-on collision with another car. While she doesn’t call recall the collision, she suddenly found myself floating in the air about 10 feet above her car, looking down. From there, Ellyn ended passing through a tunnel into what felt like the heart of God where she experienced “total unconditional love and peace and joy and bliss.” She met all her relatives, including relatives she had never met in her earthly life. She encountered laughing children, and flowers and grass that were alive and talked to her. She met 12 very tall Beings of Light who had a wonderful sense of humor. These Beings told her how everything in the universe works, the history of humanity, and why we are in this world. The Light Beings also told her that a big shift in consciousness was coming when all the veils will be removed and we will remember who we are. When it was time for Ellyn to return to Earth, Ellyn tried to convince the Light Beings to let her stay where she was, to no avail. She reports that she returned with many classic NDE aftereffects, including increased psychic abilities and intuition.  And that it has taken her 25 years to fully integrate her experience. You can read Ellyn’s full account here.


Chapter 21 – Hold The Energy Of The Light

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