Near-Death Experiencer Reinee Pasarow

In May of 1966, 16-year-old Reinee Pasarow of La Crescent, California, became unconscious following an allergic food reaction. During her near-death experience, Rene reports traveling back into time to witness the evolution and history of the human race. She learned how humanity is currently at a turning point and that it must deal with all the obstacles to unity before a new era of universal peace will come. She saw a future of our planet as a world populated with beings of light. Reinee has been interviewed by major television networks, including ABC, CNN and NBC. Her NDE testimony has been heard by people in 45 countries. After her NDE, Reinee went on to graduate from the University of California with a degree in economics. She exhibits the humanitarian aftereffects that many NDErs have. She is a successful business woman and has founded or directed several charitable organizations and projects. In addition, she travels and lectures extensively to make life on Earth more like the one she saw in heaven. Before her NDE, as a child, Reinee was very spiritual and became attracted to the Bahá’í faith. She continues to be a dedicated member of that faith. For many years Reinee has suffered from Multiple Sclerosis; but despite of her disability she has been very active.


Chapter 5 – The Greatest Of All Actions

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Chapter 7 – The Most Important Are Often The Least Important

Excerpted from Reinee Pasarow’s book Answers from Heaven: The Near-Death Experiences of Reinee Pasarow



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Answers from Heaven: The Near-Death Experiences of Reinee Pasarow
By Reinee Pasarow

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This is a true story about the near death experience of a woman who died three times and was sent back three times. During her second NDE, her burning questions regarding the fate of mankind were answered. This book is a gripping, must read, for everyone. You won’t be able to put it down.