Near-Death-Like Experiencer Rene Jorgensen

Rene Jorgensen is a philosopher and researcher of near-death experiences. He has a master’s degree in philosophy and has studied near-death experiences since 2000 after having a near-death-like experience himself when he was 27 years old. He is an author on the topic and has been featured as an expert on NDEs in print, on radio and TV, and presented his research at conferences.


Chapter 7 – The Full Consequences Of My Actions

The video that this chapter is based is located here. The complete video is posted here.



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The Light Behind God
By Rene Jorgensen

Amazon Description:

What would you like to ask someone who has died and gone to the other side? This book is your chance to investigate the afterlife and the nature of religion through real experiences of God beyond death. In The Light Behind God, philosopher of religion Rene Jorgensen reveals his research of 16 people who have had a near-death experience. Since life after death is the foundation of religion, Jorgensen explores the parallels between religion and people who die and come back, and in his study he asks what we can learn about religion from these real experiences of the realm of God. Based on Jorgensen’s findings and supported by over 30 years of research, The Light Behind God is not based on belief or dogma but on a sincere attempt to interpret these direct experiences of God in an objective manner. Through this book you will gain insights about life after death and through its use of testimonies from the other side you will get a glimpse of a true and living God.