Near-Death Experiencer Amy Call

Since she was 17 years old, Amy Call suffered from chronic pain associated with fibromyalgia. In 2003, after suffering an allergic reaction to a medication that her doctor had prescribed, Amy felt her body go numb. Her nasal passages swelled up and she couldn’t breathe, or call out for help. A couple minutes later, the struggle was over. Amy felt herself be sucked out of the top of her head and her profound, insightful, and deeply inspiring near-death experience began.


Chapter 15 – The Cable Guys

The video that this chapter is based on is located here. It comes from an hour and a half long talk that Amy gave at South Bay IANDS in 2014. You can watch the complete talk, which is one of the best, most well-rounded and interesting NDEs ever, by going here.


Chapter 24 – True Learning Happens In The Body – Near-Death Experiencer Amy Call

The video that this chapter is based on is located here. This excerpt comes from a talk that Amy Call gave at the 2014 IANDS conference. To watch the complete talk, go here. The excerpt included in the book begins at 25:38 and ends at 26:35. To learn more about Amy Call, go here.


Chapter 29 – It’s All Good

The first excerpt comes from an outstanding account that Amy has posted on the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation’s website. To read her complete account, go here.

The second excerpt comes from Amy’s South Bay IANDS talk. You can watch the excerpt that is included in the book by going here and the full talk by going here. The comment that is included in the book appears from 57:20 – 58:08 in Amy’s full talk.



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